Preliminary Site Plan Approval

Albemarle county has approved our preliminary site plan. Going through the process changed some of the details of the site design and changed the shapes of the houses, but overall we think that the whole project is even better than it was before. We are happy to say that we are getting close to puttingContinue reading “Preliminary Site Plan Approval”

Bamboo Grove Approved!

Bamboo grove was approved last week by the Albemarle Board of Supervisors, which means that the project is moving forward. We get to build a little pocket neighborhood in walking distance to downtown Crozet! Thank you so much to Nicole and Justin from Gallifrey who filled in the gaps of my development  knowledge to make the rezoning processContinue reading “Bamboo Grove Approved!”

Bamboo Grove Crozet Neighborhood Meeting

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the first neighborhood meeting on February 12th for our little Bamboo Grove pocket neighborhood! Your encouragement and great questions made it an educational and fun experience. I wish that we had more time to talk, but as always if you have any other questions or commentsContinue reading “Bamboo Grove Crozet Neighborhood Meeting”

Introducing the Bamboo Grove Pocket Neighborhood

Bamboo Grove is a miniature neighborhood with six compact, affordable and energy efficient houses is designed for an acre of land a few blocks from downtown Crozet. Shared green space between the houses anchors the neighboorhood together while walking trails and sidewalks connect it to nature and the surrounding community. Common landscaped areas, patio, bicycleContinue reading “Introducing the Bamboo Grove Pocket Neighborhood”